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DBS MANAGED IT SERVICES (DMIS) is a national IT services company  headquartered in Frisco, TX that provides affordable technology  expertise, 24/7 support, and field services to small-medium sized  businesses and nonprofits. Although DMIS is a US based company, and  serves clients all across the United States, we also have clients in the  United Kingdom and Canada.   

DMIS is a pure services company that does not sell equipment or formally represent any technology manufacturer. This allows us to be a  truly neutral and objective partner to our clients when it comes to  purchasing hardware or software solutions. However, we do work closely  with our clients regarding these choices and can provide recommendations  and detailed bill-of-materials. We can also take the lead for our clients and work directly with any of their preferred partners to ensure the  right solution at the right price is always achieved.

Our Expertise

DMIS is made up of highly skilled experienced certified IT professionals. All of us have held high-level global IT positions within  large multinational organizations. We specialize in technologies such  as Voice-over-IP (VoIP), SD WAN and MPLS, network security and UTM  firewalls, telecommunication services and equipment, routing and  switching, load-balancing, WAN Optimization, server visualization,  remote desktop and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Domain Name  System (DNS), Identity Management and Domain Controllers, Linux desktops  and servers, Internet services, and much more. The point being that we  are very good at what we do and are able to resolve issues much faster  than those with less experience.

Our 24/7 Technical Assistance Center

The DMIS 24/7 Technical Assistance Center is located in Tampa, FL and  all of our support analyst speak English and are physically located  within the United States.

Our highly skilled Tier-2 and Tier-3 systems engineers are also all  physically located within the United States and speak English. They are  typically home workers, but can work from anywhere, and are available  24/7.

All DMIS support processes are documented and many of our roles are  scripted to ensure a timely and consistent result for our clients. All  of our client device configurations are maintained within a secure DMIS  repository at a DMIS secure facility. Backups are taken before any  changes are ever made to a client device and immediately upon completion  of any changes.

The DMIS core incident management, monitoring, reporting, alerting,  and inventory systems are all browser-based, mobile friendly,  systems  that are available to our clients 24/7 online. DMIS uses LogicMonitor  for monitoring, reporting, and alerting, and FreshDesk for incident  management.


Our Agency Partners

DMIS have national partnerships with most of the telecommunication,  Internet, data center, and hosted PBX service providers within the  United States. This means that DMIS are fully authorized to represent,  quote, order, implement, and support their full line of products and  services without any negative impact to our clients. 


DMIS is considered a channel sales team by our partners and are  treated the same within their organizations as their internal direct  sales teams. As a result, there is no difference in pricing, services,  or contractual terms between DMIS and the providers direct sales teams. 

In fact, DMIS has the advantage over their direct sales teams, as we  are a national account that receives priority support and that has  unique escalation options available in the event of an issue. DMIS also  has the flexibility to create a multi-provider solution for our clients,  representing multiple service providers, where the direct sales teams  can only represent their services. All-in-all, DMIS is an excellent  resource when it comes to buying products and services from most of the  US based providers.

Our Tier-3 Data Center

Our primary Tier-3 Data Center is located in Plano, TX. It is one of  the most modern and secure facilities in the nation that provides  high-density power, multiple high-speed fiber Internet connections, and  is energy efficient. This is a hardened facility with biometric access  controls and physical security.

DMIS houses many of its Security Information and Event Reporting  (SIEM), centralized logging, hosted websites, secure remote access, and  other critical systems at this facility. 

Our clients can choose to collocate their devices within the DMIS  cages or DMIS can assist them with obtaining their own discrete space.  Either way, this is an impressive facility that needs to be seen to  fully appreciate.

Our Data Center Certifications


Our Field Services

DMIS has a national workforce of skilled field technicians, through direct employees and our highly vetted subcontractors, that allows us to provide on-site  installations, structured network cabling, and technical dispatch  services in most of the major US metropolitan areas.

DMIS subcontractors are extensively trained on all DMIS processes and  systems and are fully integrated within the DMIS organization. These are  not generic labor workers or individuals that were discovered at the  last minute. They are professional, clean,  vetted, insured, fully  qualified service technicians that are as much a part of DMIS as any of  our full-time employees, and we truly appreciate the great work that  they do for our clients. 


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