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Featured DMIS Favorites



One of the best and easiest way to store just about everything digital. It is a great solution for both personal and business use.



A very new operating system created by System76 and based upon Ubuntu (Debian) that provides a very sleek and elegant user interface.



The most popular authentication software in the world, and for good reason. OpenLdap is highly customizable and extremely reliable.



Another leader with respect to its global use. FreeRADIUS is the go-to wireless authentication solution for just about every internet service provider or telecommunications company. Very functional and reliable.



Ubuntu is the clear leader in the Linux desktop and server operating system space. Their most famously known for their easy to use desktop but are just as solid in the server space. They are also leaders in containers and Metal-as-a-Service.



We love Google Chromebooks and use them everyday. They are great as a user desktop or laptop and equally as a good for tech guys. Very secure, easy to manage centrally, and you can't beat the price. Clearly one of our favorites.

Fortinet Security


Fortinet is priced right and very functional. We use them in many of our client solutions, as well as internally. They offer extensive virtualization capabilities and are very reliable. Their support is also very good.

Mushroom Networks


Mushroom Networks is a great option for anyone who wants to achieve higher bandwidths at a great price. Mushroom allows us to use all of our bandwidth and still achieve our 99.999% availability objectives.



LogicMonitor makes SNMP monitoring, alerting, and historical reporting easy. They are a cloud-based solution that are reliable and very functional. We use them internally and include their service at no charge with all of our managed services offerings.

Chrome Remote Desktop


Google's Chrome Remote Desktop application is a reliable, easy to use, desktop sharing and remote support tool that not only works on Chrome devices but that is truly device independent. This is our choice internally and we use it everyday to support our clients.



UberConference is an affordable, easy to use, audio and web conferencing solution. It works great on every device, including mobile phones and tablets. This is definitely on our top five favorites list.



Dialpad is the best and most flexible cloud-based PBX system on the market. Very functional, affordable, and the hands-down choice for any device independent mobile workforce.

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