Get LogicMonitor - Monitoring, Reporting, and Alerting, Direct from DMIS for Less

Save Money on LogicMonitor with DMIS!

DMIS provides LogicMonitor to all of our Managed Services clients at no additional cost, but we also have many clients that purchase LogicMonitor through DMIS as a result of our great pricing.

As a managed services provider, our LogicMonitor pricing is much lower than what a typical small-medium sized business would be able to achieve on their own, as our revenue commitment is typically much higher. As a result, we pass our savings onto our clients who prefer to support their own internal IT environments but still want the industries best monitoring, reporting, and alerting platform.

LogicMonitor Features

Monitor Everything, Everywhere.

LogicMonitor provides full visibility into complex, hybrid infrastructure, offering granular performance monitoring and actionable data and insights.

Full Data Center Visibility

Library of over 1000 pre-built monitoring templates provides automated discovery, monitoring, and alerting for everything from AIX to VMware, Kafka to Tomcat.

Complete Visibility into AWS

Combine AWS CloudWatch metrics, synthetic transactions, and custom metrics with visibility into your on-premises infrastructure for a complete view into hybrid environments.

Network Device Configurations

Collect and manage network device configurations, and correlate changes with performance impacts.

Powerful, Real-Time Dashboards

Combine data from any part of your infrastructure to create application- or service-specific views. Built-in intelligence pulls meaningful data from hundreds of systems to provide useful insights.

Flexible Alerting

Alerts are preconfigured with thresholds using best practices to get monitoring up and running quickly, but can easily be tuned on a global, group, or object level. Unlimited alerting via email, SMS, voice calls, webhooks, and integrations.

Deploy Rapidly. Monitor Efficiently. DMIS & LogicMonitor

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