DMIS Managed IT Services Provide Predictable Pricing, Flexible Solutions, and Consistent Results.

Make DMIS a Part of Your IT Team!

DMIS Managed Services are flexible, affordable, and easy to integrate into your existing IT environment. Providing 24/7 US based technical help desk support and nationwide on-site dispatch, at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time IT employees, DMIS can ensure that your business is always covered and your budget is always achieved.

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DMIS Reduces Cost & Improves Quality

DMIS Managed Services is much less expensive than full-time employees  and much more effective than well-meaning volunteers. The typical  salary for an entry-level IT resource is normally around $45,000 per  year, not including insurance, benefits, personal time and sick days,  and other HR related costs.  The quality of work of volunteers is  questionable, at best, although we do appreciate their intentions.

With DMIS Managed Services you get highly-experienced, professional,  certified, IT  resources that are available to you 24/7 for much less  than the cost of an employee and that are much more effective and  on-point with their results than the well-meaning volunteer.

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DMIS Adds Expertise & Capabilities

DMIS compliments your team with seasoned IT thought leadership,  nationwide field services, a full suite of monitoring, inventory, and  incident resolution tools, and highly experienced senior-level  expertise, all at a fraction of the cost of full-time employees.

DMIS Reduces Risk & Provides Stability

The pressure of keeping your network and systems up and running  without any outages can be overwhelming.  Getting them back up and  running during an outage can be even worse.

DMIS has the maturity and experience needed to achieve long-term  stability and resolve issues quickly. With proven systems and tools, and  documented processes, DMIS identifies potential problems before they  happen, responds diligently to correct real-time issues, and implements  preventive measures to ensure issue don’t happen in the first place. In  other words, DMIS stabilizes your IT environment and reduces the risk of  future downtime and disruption.

DMIS Provides Predictable Pricing, Flexible Solutions, and Consistent Results. Contact Us.

Managed IT Services

Managed Security


DMIS are certified security experts that will keep your business safe from intrusion and data breaches. Need to be PCI compliant? Need to provide a safe internet environment? Having HR issues? Does HIPPA apply to you? If security is important to your business, then DMIS is your expert partner of choice!

Managed Cloud/Data Center


DMIS are experts at Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Hosted/Hybrid cloud environments. If you're already well entrenched in the Cloud or just starting out, DMIS can help you take full advantage of the security, deployment and pricing flexibility of any Cloud platform.

Managed Wireless


DMIS can make sure that your wireless network covers all of your users, applications, devices, and sites, regardless of physical site limitations or the number of connections. Wireless networks can be difficult and complex, but DMIS are truly experts that you can count on!

Managed Networking


DMIS can support your complex data center infrastructure, including high-end routing, switching, firewalls, WAN optimization/QoS, load balancers, and SDN/OpenFlow virtualization, as well as your office networks.

Managed Telecom


DMIS can support all of your telecom needs, including MPLS, SD-WAN, Internet, VoIP,  telephone systems, and phone lines. Simply put, we are experts at telecommunications equipment, systems, and networks!

Managed Desktops


DMIS can monitor and provide your users with expert level support on laptop and desktop computers, including applications. Can't print? Can't browse the internet? With DMIS, it's problem solved, everytime! 

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